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Members in Need (VLTP)

LISA BOONE, AVIATION SAFETY TECHNICAN, IR861, WA, has been approved for the  Voluntary Leave Transfer Program .

Employees interested in donating leave may submit their donations through the Online VLTP Intranet site located @ https://ahrweb.faa.gov/spl/Login/applanding.cfm?AppCode=vltp&AppType=donor&AppRecID=9824. In order to donate leave on-line, it requires that you have registered with the site. To register for the site, please click on “Request Login” on the left and follow the on-screen instructions. The system will send you a temporary password and asks to reset after you login.

NOTE:  Donors must use a FAA Computer with Intranet access to donate leave through this process! The donation process is not available through the Internet.

Manual submissions must be submitted on FAA Form 3600-18 (02/00), “Federal Aviation Administration Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Donor’s Annual Leave and/or Sick Leave Application (Within FAA).” This form may be downloaded at the above website address and found under section entitled, “Forms.”

Forms should be forwarded to Toni Mendiola, AIR-973, 2200 S 216th Street, Des Moines, WA 98198.

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