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Feb. 26, 2016 // Turning 56 Does Not Mean the End of Your NATCA Career

Many members who reach age 56 want to continue their work with NATCA and the National Airspace System (NAS), but opportunities to stay within a NATCA bargaining unit can often appear limited. The NATCA-represented Operational Support Facility Specialist (OSF) is part of the Multi-Unit Bargaining unit, which represents a great opportunity to expand horizons, continue to participate in NATCA, and make a meaningful impact on the air traffic control environment and the NAS. During the open season for OSF last year, NATCA saw a high-level of interest within the OSF unit, with membership rising from from 15 to 70 percent eligible membership.

OSF bargaining unit employees’ work on building, maintaining, and continuously updating the system’s Site Adaptation for the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) currently being deployed by Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) program. STARS and all automation systems have a unique site-based adaptation process. OSF employees are extremely important to the success of STARS transitions and they have recently found a strong voice by becoming NATCA members.

Controllers and NATCA-represented employees can bid on OSF unit job opportunities and continue to work within those positions after age 56. Don’t miss the opportunity to bid on your future and remain an active, vibrant part of NATCA. NATCA members with an air traffic background can make an enormous difference in building and deploying new technology.

“These OSF employees are vitally important to the NAS and to each and every facility out there,” said NATCA TAMR Lead Mitch Herrick. “The work they do is amazing. Keeping experienced controllers engaged after they retire is particularly vital to ensure that the automation system performs and behaves exactly like the controllers need it to. This is a great opportunity that we need to make our members aware of.”

Reaching age 56 does not need to be the end of your NATCA career. Bid for an OSF opportunity and continue to make an impact in aviation!

For more information, contact Candy or Troy Barr at [email protected] or [email protected].

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