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Form 8500-8 (Part 5)

Airman Medical Certificate – Form 8500-8 – Part 5

This is the final article of a five-part series that covered the most frequently asked questions concerning sections 17a, 18, 18x, 18v, and 19 on Form 8500-8. This article covers a discussion concerning Article 22 of the parties’ CBA as it may relate to making changes to information provided on the 8500-8 Form.

Article 22, Section 6

Form 8500-8 is used by the FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine and Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) for periodic medical examinations of BUEs to determine initial and continued medical qualification for duty. The medical qualification process relies on both the historical information provided by the controller and the results of the examination by the AME.

Signing the Form includes two declarations. The first declaration constitutes an authorization for a single access to the National Driver Register to verify information provided in Question 18v. The second declaration certifies the completeness and truthfulness of the medical application. The declaration section must be signed and dated by the BUE to be valid.

  • Article 22, Section 6 of the parties’ CBA affords employees, upon request, to make correction to records maintained by the FAA if he/she believes the information is incorrect.
  • When Article 22, Section 6 is invoked, the Agency will advise the BUE within fifteen days of its determination concerning the employee’s request to make corrections to the record.
  • An employee who attempts unsuccessfully to correct or amend the record will be advised of the reasons for the refusal.
  • If the request is refused, the BUE may have a statement of disagreement placed in his/her folder.
  • If you need to make any changes to the information provided on the 8500-8 Form, it is imperative that each BUE consult and work with his/her Facility Representative prior to initiating Article 22, Section 6.

Final Points on the 8500-8 Form

  • Keep a list of healthcare visits and bring it to your FAA exam
  • Read the instruction sheet carefully
  • Consult VFS if in doubt about how to or whether to report
  • Once you check “Yes” to an answer in #18, always check “Yes”
  • Keep a copy of every application
  • Don’t correct previous forms without consulting a NATCA Representative
  • Protect yourself. “When in doubt, write it out!”
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