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Just Say “No” to Home Intrusions

Know Your Right to “Just Say NO!” to home intrusions. NATCA has recently learned that the FAA has begun making “house calls” to employees who are out on OWCP leave. This is a serious and problematic development. Many of these employees have expressed their concern that these unannounced visits are nothing more than an attempt to see if the employee might be doing something wrong. The management visitors ask a lot of questions, and they claim this is merely to make sure employees are getting proper services and benefits.

NATCA believes that these visits are unauthorized, and also illegal. The DOL regulations permit the employer to check on an employee’s progress, but it should do so by mail, not in-person and unannounced. We believe that employees are also entitled to a union representative during this Q/A and that the Union should be informed of such visits in advance. NATCA has made several requests to FAA to fix these concerns, but so far, FAA has not responded. At a minimum, the FAA should act like any concerned friend and call first. What employees need to know most is that these visits are completely voluntary. No employee can be required to participate or even open their door to such visits. Furthermore, there would be no record of any refusal to participate. The best way to deal with these intrusions, especially in a time of illness or incapacity is to just say “no!” That is your absolute right.

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