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Virtual Flight Surgeons

NATCA, through the services of the Virtual Flight Surgeons (VFS), provides members with free aeromedical advice and consultations associated with employees’ medical qualifications as they may relate to the performance of their duties.

The professionals of the Virtual Flight Surgeons represent NATCA members working for the Federal Aviation Administration. Services include telephone and email consultation and assistance with FAA case submissions, both initial reporting and special issuance renewals. Services are inclusive and provided at no cost to NATCA members. Members can contact VFS at 1-866-AEROMED or by selecting the NATCA Confidential Questionnaire at aviationmedicine.com.

The range of issues related to controllers’ medical qualifications is far and wide. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • FAA Medical Standards for ATC 3930.3A
  • FAA Form 8500-8 (Application for Airman Medical Certificate)[1][1]
  • Medical Standards for Terminal and En Route Centers for ATC Positions
  • Therapeutic Drug Guidelines for ATCS, Revised in June 2008
  • 7210.3T Facility Operations and Administration (Chapter 2, Section 8 – Medical)
  • DOT Order 3910.1C (Drug and Alcohol Testing)
  • Antidepressant Medications
  • Sleep Medications
  • Alcohol Evaluation and Treatment Program for ATCS
  • Color Vision – PIP (Color Cards Testing) and ATC OV (Computer Based Vision Testing)
  • Correction of Oversights and Medical Application
  • Sick Leave/Interval Health Return to Duty Policies
  • Sleep Apnea Policy for ATCS
  • Privacy of Medical Information
  • Incapacitation vs. Disqualification and Payment for Evaluation
  • Insulin requiring Diabetes with continuous glucose monitor/infusion pump

If there are any legal and/or Labor Relations implications associated with the medical qualification issues, NATCA advises the members to work closely with his/her Facility Representatives, and/or the Regional Vice President, who will work in concert with the appropriate Labor Relations point-of-contact at the NATCA National Office. Should the VFS encounter any legal and/or Labor Relations concerns during the consultation, the VFS will defer such inquires to the NATCA.

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