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The 2016 Honorees


Media Coverage

CBS Columbus: (Featuring Columbus Tower and TRACON controller David Kilgus)
ABC 6 Columbus: (Featuring Kilgus)
WPRI-TV Ch. 12 Providence: (Featuring Providence Tower and TRACON controller Joseph J. White)
Providence Journal: (Featuring White)
KOMO Radio Seattle: (Featuring Seattle TRACON controller Joshua J. Pate)
WOFL-TV Fox 35 Orlando: (Featuring Central Florida TRACON controllers Donald Blatnik III and Kenneth Scheele)
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth: (Featuring Dallas Love Field controllers Wade H. Martin IV and Nick Valadez)
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth: (Story about Martin and Valadez’s flight assist after it occurred in 2015)

The 12th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards Banquet, at NATCA’s Communicating For Safety Conference

March 23, 2016
Bally’s, Las Vegas

Program booklet featuring the honorees and their stories.
Photo album from the event.
Video: The entire awards banquet, beginning with opening remarks from FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.
Video Playlist: Each of the winning flight assists and also the presentations for each at the banquet.
Video: The winner of the President’s Award for best overall flight assist of the year, which was presented to Central Florida Terminal Radar Approach Controllers Donald Blatnik III and Kenneth Scheele.

AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Flight Assist Commendation Awards

Presented by AOPA Foundation and Air Safety Institute Past President Bruce Landsberg at the March 23, 2016 Archie League Medal of Safety Awards banquet. The winners are these NATCA members:
Central Region: James Meli and Kyle Kraft (ZKC)
Eastern Region: Glenn Garasic (PCT)
Great Lakes Region: Jeffrey Smith, John Davis, and Justin Danz (ZOB)
Northwest Mountain Region: Andy Marosvari and Sean Billet (BOI), Stuart Widman (S46), and Jacques Mailloux (BJC)
Southern Region: Kathlene Verib (CVG), Chris Cambridge, Jim Alcorn, Brian Paula, and Ricardo Martinez (MIA)
Southwest Region: Dayna Tillery (I90)

Video of the awards presentation.

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