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The 2008 Honorees




Communicating For Safety Conference

  • Captured Video — View presentations, speeches and panel discussions from this year’s Communicating for Safety.
  • Photos

Archie League Awards – View all content from the fourth annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards.


Media Coverage

Local Air Traffic Controller to be Honored
March 31, 2008 – CBS 4 (Miami, Fla.)

Lake Central Alum is in Control
March 31, 2008 – Northwest Indiana Times

An Air Traffic Hero
April 1, 2008 – NPR

Eyes on the Skies
April 1, 2008 – ABC News

NATCA Gives Well-Deserved Kudos to 12 Controllers
April 2, 2008 – Aero-News Network

Air Traffic Controller Honored for Safety
April 3, 2008 – The Oklahoman

NATCA’s Archie Awards Honor ATC Saves
April 3, 2008 – AVweb

Controllers Honored for Saving Pilots’ Bacon
April 3, 2008 – AOPA

NATCA Confers Archie Awards
April 3, 2008 – Focus FAA

Heroes of ATC: The 2008 Archie League Medal of Safety Award Winners
April 7, 2008 – AVweb Audio Podcast

Calm Controllers Get Panicky Pilot Down Safely
April 24, 2008 – KFMB News 8 TV (San Diego, Calif.)

PlaneMadness Episode 36 – Air Traffic Controllers
May 14, 2008 – The PlaneMadness.com Podcast 


Honorable Mentions

Central Region

Tom Tierney, St. Louis TRACON (T75)

Mark Orr, St. Louis ATCT (STL)

Chris Thigpen, Kansas City Center (ZKC)

Eastern Region

Randy Trainor, Atlantic City ATCT (ACY)

Stephen Barringer, Atlantic City ATCT (ACY)

Timothy Puckett, Roanoke ATCT (ROA)

Edward Molloy, New York Center (ZNY)

Don Hunt, New York Center (ZNY) 

Harrie Copeland, New York Center (ZNY)

Jeffrey Douglass, Charleston (WV) ATCT (CRW)

Great Lakes Region

Gregory Gorlich, Chicago O’Hare ATCT (ORD)

Xavier Gutierrez, Chicago O’Hare ATCT (ORD)

Micah Maziar, Toledo ATCT (TOL)

Ted Borchelt, Evansville ATCT (EVV)

Northwest Mountain Region

Robert Holt, Denver Center (ZDV)

Southern Region

Todd Hurta, Orlando-Sanford ATCT (SFB)

Tyrone Mercer, Atanta TRACON (A80)

Phil White, Atanta TRACON (A80)

Shane Ahern, West Palm Beach ATCT (PBI)

Pat Gancel, Pensacola TRACON (P31) 

Bill Clark, Pensacola TRACON (P31)

Cheryl Plumeri, Cincinnati ATCT (CVG)

Lawrence Lee, Raleigh-Durham ATCT (RDU) 

Thomas Lyens, Raleigh-Durham ATCT (RDU)

Southwest Region

Jeffrey Peace, Dallas-Ft. Worth ATCT (DFW)

Patrick Hable, Houston Center (ZHU)

Jeff Beasley, Amarillo ATCT (AMA)

Western Pacific Region

Ronda Schnoor, Falcon ATCT (FFZ)

Jim Bryant, Northern California TRACON (NCT)

Thomas Gurule, Honolulu ATCT (HCF)

Jill Hoffman, Honolulu ATCT (HCF)

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