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The 2009 Honorees




Communicating For Safety Conference

Archie League Awards – View all content from the fifth annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards.

Honorable Mentions

Central Region

Pat Pelkowski, Wichita Tower

Eastern Region

Alan Eldridge, Charleston Tower

Philip Gallagher, Wilkes-Barre Tower 

Charles Huff, Wilkes-Barre Tower

Dave Harrington, Roanoke Tower

Glenn Weber, Roanoke Tower

Mark Duncan, Roanoke Tower

Vito Gioia, Farmingdale Tower

Great Lakes Region

Michael Giggie, South Bend Tower

Dean Pesato, Cleveland Center

Leslie Snyder, Evansville Tower

Stacey Parham, Cleveland Center

Frank Lewandowski, Cleveland Center

Northwest Mountain Region

John Schrock, Portland Tower

Mike Naiman, Denver Center

John Hultman, Pasco Tri Cities Tower

Southern Region

Dan Shaw, Memphis Tower

Barbara Walton, Daytona Beach Tower

Mark Doss, Memphis Center

Arys Rene Cabrera, Miami Center

Thomas Davis, Miami Center

Rhonda Swearingen, Memphis Center 

Jay Hilligrass, Memphis Center

Ruth Marlin, Miami Center 

Tracey Cogdill, Miami Center 

Shailendra Chaudhari, Miami Center

Brent Evans, Knoxville McGhee Tyson Tower

Southwest Region

Bill Buvens, New Orleans Moisant Tower

Dale Campo, New Orleans Moisant Tower 

Bob Gulley, New Orleans Moisant Tower 

Brian LaFleur, New Orleans Moisant Tower 

Chris Johnson, New Orleans Moisant Tower 

Ronny Davidson, New Orleans Moisant Tower

Dave Blankenship, New Orleans Lakefront Tower 

Ronald Alleman, New Orleans Lakefront Tower 

Frank Smith, Oklahoma City/Will Rogers Tower

Paul Franklin, Austin Tower 

Jennifer Harshbarger, Austin Tower

David Benedetto, Fort Worth Center

Tim Crone, Tulsa Tower

William DeBolt, Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON

Michael Woods, Dallas Addison Tower

Western Pacific Region

Gina Eckert, Gillespie/San Diego Tower

Ken Moen, Reno Tower

Mike LaGrange, Reno Tower

Jason Hughes, Los Angeles Center

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