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Communicating For Safety Conference


Media Coverage

NATCA has received a tremendous amount of national and local media coverage regarding this year’s Archie League awards, particularly the President’s Award-winning King Air flight assist featuring controllers from ZMA and Fort Myers assisting Doug White, who piloted the plane to safety after the pilot suffered a heart attack and died shortly after takeoff from Marco Island, Fla., on Easter Sunday last year.

National television stories on the NBC Today Show and Fox News Channel led to local NBC and FOX stations around the country to air coverage as well, multiplying the numbers of millions of viewers who learned about our members’ great work.

Some of our top media stories include:

Inside Edition

NBC’s The Today Show

FOX News

FOX and Friends


Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

  • Captured Video — View presentations, speeches and panel discussions from this year’s Communicating for Safety.

Archie League Awards – View all content from the sixth annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards.

Honorable Mentions

Alaskan Region

Alan Zelez, Anchorage TRACON 

Marcus Tomlin, Reno Tower

Christopher Roberts, Anchorage

Eastern Region 

April Hedstrom, Charleston, WV 

Mona Iddings, Charleston, WV 

Bill Davenport, Charleston, WV 

Mark Ulanch, Charleston, WV

Lee Owens, Roanoke 

Brian Buckley, Philadelphia 

Jeffrey Weldon, Washington Center

Chad Bentz, Philadelphia 

John Blanco, Philadelphia 

Patricia Harshman, Washington Center 

Patrick Harten, New York TRACON, Bill McLoughlin, La Guardia 

Great Lakes Region

Gregory Schmarr, Indianapolis Center  

Travis Stamper, Indianapolis Center 

John Overman, Lansing 

Lou Alvarez, Chicago Midway 

Derrick Rogers, Chicago O’Hare TRACON

Marc Schneider, Indianapolis Center  

Wendy Schneider, Indianapolis Center

Leslie Snyder, Evansville 

Jay Moffat, Chicago O’Hare

Dale Taylor, Indianapolis Center

New England Region

Nancy Yeomans, Boston Center 

Northwest Mountain Region

Christopher Schenk, Seattle Center  

Duane Johnsen, Seattle Center 

Jim Ullmann, Seattle Center  

Robert Normandeau, Seattle Center 

Alan Gorski, Seattle Center  

Michael Sutherland, Seattle Center  

Martin Hunter, Colorado Springs 

Southern Region 

Robert Hill, Sr., Fayetteville  

Mark Boumenot, Fayetteville 

Don Nikolich, Memphis Center  

David Pridgen, Memphis Center 

Jonathan Graves, Orlando 

Lynn Powers, Jacksonville Center

William Thompson, Jacksonville

Brandi Norberg, Miami Center 

Lawrence Ghersi, Miami Center 

Eric Stein, West Palm Beach  

David Miller, West Palm Beach 

Michael Minlschmidt, Asheville 

Kendle Anspach, Miami Center 

Southwest Region

Paul Seifert, Roswell

John Charlton, Lake Charles

Ronald Cecil, Houston Intercontinental 

Anthony Ruffino, Houston Intercontinental 

Joe Corder, Victoria 

David ‘AU’ Westbrook, Dallas/Fort Worth

Joseph E. Friend, Dallas/Fort Worth 

Brian Haag, Houston Center 

Larry Gardner, Dallas Addison 

Western Pacific Region

Roger Giles, Southern California TRACON 

David Clegg, Santa Barbara

AOPA Air Safety Foundation “Flight Assist Commendations”

AOPA ASF Flight Assist Commendations, awarded to a select number of Archie League nominees that demonstrated exceptional service to general aviation in 2009, were presented by AOPA ASF President Bruce Landsberg on Monday, March 22 during the Archie League Medal of Safety Award banquet.

Recipients of the ASF Flight Assist Commendations:

Chad Bentz, Philadelphia

Dale Taylor, Indianapolis Center

John Overman, Lansing

Alan Gorski, Colorado Springs

Brandi Norberg & Larry Ghersi, Miami Center

Robert Hill, Sr., Fayetteville

Don Nikolich & David Pridgen, Memphis Center

Larry Gardner, Dallas Addison

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