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Job Openings

Position: Information Technology Specialist    Travel Required: Some
Department: Public Affairs    FLSA Status: Exempt
Reports to: Director of Public Affairs    ONUE: Covered by CBA

Expectation for All Employees: Supports the Association’s mission, vision, and values, as defined in NATCA’s Constitution, and as articulated by NATCA’s leadership. Such support is exhibited by the following: excellence, competence, commitment, and innovation in the execution of the employee’s job duties; collaboration with leadership, membership, and staff; respect for diversity; accountability for performance, and actions within the scope of employment.

Position Summary: Under the direct supervision of the Director of Public Affairs, the Information Technology Specialist identifies, recommends, installs, tests, maintains/upgrades, and resolves problems with all software and computer/server, copier/printer, network (Internet & Wi-Fi), and VOIP telephone hardware necessary to accomplish NATCA’s mission and goals. The Information Technology Specialist provides technical support and training to NATCA members and staff. The Information Technology Specialist performs systems development and computer services on hardware and servers, including managing passwords, security systems, and e-mail maintenance. The Information Technology Specialist coordinates work closely with NATCA’s Information Technology Manager, Web Specialist, and NATCA’s IT Committee members and will assist them as necessary with NATCA’s database, website(s), and other systems. The Information Technology Specialist performs other related duties as necessary.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: The principal duties/responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Overseeing the daily performance of computer, telephone, Internet/Wi-Fi, and network storage systems. Responsible for keeping WAN/LAN operational.

2. Setting up equipment for employee use. Coordinating installation of new hardware and software. Installing, testing, and monitoring the operation of computer hardware and software. Configuring hardware and software to meet individual and departments’ need. Setting up equipment and installing cables as necessary.

3. Serving as a resource for software and hardware users. Instructing NATCA staff and members in the use of computer equipment and applications. Answering questions regarding the methods and procedures for using computer hardware and applications.

4. Providing ongoing support and routine maintenance. Troubleshooting and resolving routine problems by making minor repairs or configuration changes to hardware, software, and peripheral equipment. If necessary, identifies outside resources for the resolution of more complex problems. Manage repairs.

5. Managing security for all systems.

6. Responsible for back-ups and archiving data.

7. Managing day-to-day relationship with some of NATCA’s outside technology partners.

8. Understanding and staying current with hardware/software technologies, security best practices, and trends.

9. Evaluating needs for new and revised systems; identifying possible improvements in computers systems; making recommendations for procurement of new information systems hardware and software.

10. Modifying and customizing commercial programs for internal needs. Entering commands and observing system functioning to verify correct operations and detect errors.

11. Occasional travel to assist with NATCA member meetings and special events.

12. Working on special projects and other duties as required.

Position Requirements and Qualifications:

• An Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree from a two-year or four-year college or university (ideally a computer science or a related degree) preferred; or, in the alternative, at least four (4) years of relevant experience;

• Two (2) years of professional IT experience;

Ability to analyze and resolve user needs and problems; interpret and apply information from technical individuals with varying degrees of computer familiarity; and instruct others in the use of computerized information systems;

Expertise and day-to-day experience in managing and administering Mac OS and iOS devices is required. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Office also very helpful;

Knowledge and experience in backup and recovery systems;

• An understanding of current trends and developments in information technology;

The ability to work collaboratively with a close-knit team setting that values productivity; and

• Time management skills and the ability to react to a quickly changing policy environment, meet deadlines, and juggle multiple simultaneous responsibilities.

How to Apply: 

Please email your cover letter and resume.

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