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NATCA Flyers: Photo Album

Thursday, June 19, 2014

NBC Today Show Appearance! The story last Sunday (June 15) was mostly about a member of the Royal Family — Pippa Middleton — also biking in the Race Across America. But if you watch all the way through you will see an interview with NATCA Flyers team member Jim Marinitti (Miami Tower and TRACON, above left, with teammate Jay Barrett). To see the full story, please click HERE.

Jim Marinitti.

Eddie De Lisle climbing, heading into Prescott, Ariz., on Sunday, June 15.

The team, near the starting line in Oceanside, Calif.

De Lisle.

NATCA member Noel Kingston fed part of the crew at his house. Great solidarity! The NATCA Family is coming out to support the team along the route.

Virtual Team Member Andy Marosvari, showing his incredible support for The NATCA Flyers!

Rider change in Utah – Marinitti for Barrett.

Crew members Jerry Nash (left) and Kelly Richardson (right) share a laugh with Barrett.

Switch out in Colorado: Barrett for Marinitti.

Brody McCray on Interstate 17 in Arizona, one of the few stretches of the race that took place on an Interstate instead of a safer path on a less busy road.


De Lisle, heading downhill.

De Lisle, climbing in Colorado.

De Lisle, during a rider shift change Tuesday night (June 17) in Kansas.

McCray on Wednesday morning, June 18.

Barrett, reaching the halfway point of the race in Kansas.



Thursday morning – NATCA’s 27th Anniversary! – and a majestic crossing of the Mississippi River into Illinois.

Retired ZID member and facility representative Tom Thompson (center) joined other Indiana members in a welcoming party for the team on Thursday, June 19.

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