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NATCA Statement: Update on Sequestration – (3/5/2013)

CONTACT: Doug Church, 301-346-8245

Today, the projections about the effects of sequestration are giving way to reality. The FAA has informed us that they intend to send furlough notices to all its employees. This means that beginning in a month, there will be fewer air traffic controllers in towers and radar rooms helping our national airspace work. Consequently, fewer flights will be able to take off and land and the traveling public and the many businesses that rely on our air travel system will be impacted by the delays. Worse, the FAA intends to close many towers around the country that provide critically important safety and efficiency services to aviation, keeping our system vibrant, growing and crucial to our economy.

These cuts do not need to happen. Congress can still stop them before they cause these negative effects. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association continues to urge its members and all Americans to contact Congress and tell them to stop sequestration before it undermines the world’s safest and most efficient airspace.

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