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NATCA Supports Chairman LoBiondo, a Steadfast Champion of Aviation Safety – (10/24/2013)

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) issued the following statement in support of Representative Frank LoBiondo’s (R-N.J.-2) re-election efforts:

Congressman LoBiondo has been an outspoken leader on countless issues affecting the lives of the men and women who serve the public as aviation safety professionals, represented by NATCA. He has always understood the dedication and passion of the workers on the front lines of the aviation system, giving them a voice by speaking up and supporting them on important issues.

Chairman LoBiondo has stood up time and again for NATCA and its members, fighting for fairness and a positive work environment in which they can continue to make the U.S. airspace system the world’s safest and most efficient. With numerous FAA facilities in his own state, including the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center where NextGen and other safety and technology projects are developed and tested, Chairman LoBiondo has not only a strong knowledge base but personal interest in how the system works and how it can best be improved. 

NATCA, in 2008, presented Congressman LoBiondo with the Sentinel of Safety Award, its highest honor for a member of the aviation and legislative communities who have displayed outstanding achievement in the advancement of aviation safety. The award recognized accomplishments such as his co-sponsorship of legislation to improve aviation security after 9/11, support of beefed up and standardized training for aviation cabin crews, and vote to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. 

This year, as Chairman of the Aviation Subcommittee, LoBiondo has strongly supported the involvement of all aviation stakeholders, particularly in NextGen. At a NextGen conference in June hosted by NATCA and the Air Line Pilots Association, Chairman LoBiondo said members of Congress “have very little expertise” in any one area of aviation or ATC modernization, “yet we are making critical decisions without any input from those of you who are in the real world every day. My mission has been to try and change that, using your expertise and listening to you. With NextGen, there’s so much at stake for the nation. There’s so much potential we have as a country and for each of you, the stakeholders, air traffic controllers and pilots who have a more important role. You’re critical to all of this.”

NATCA appreciates Chairman LoBiondo’s commitment to aviation and his pledge to be a strong partner in enhancing both the safety and efficiency of our system. NATCA is a strong supporter of the Congressman and looks forward to his continued leadership in aviation, as well as working on behalf of working families of New Jersey’s Second District.

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