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NATCA Urges Support for Federal Worker Pay Fairness Act – (10/9/2013)

October 8, 2013

Dear Representative:

On behalf of over 15,000 Federal Aviation Administration employees, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) is writing to urge you to support the Federal Worker Pay Fairness Act. This bill would pay federal employees who are currently working without pay before the government shutdown ends.

Federal employees such as air traffic controllers who are excepted have been working since October 1st without pay with the expectation that they will be paid at some point after the shutdown is resolved. Needless to say, forcing them to work without pay has had a negative effect on morale, and adds stress to their already stressful work as they wonder how long the shutdown will continue, and how they will pay their bills. Passing legislation to pay these important safety professionals who continue to maintain the safest, most efficient airspace in the world, would alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty they are experiencing. These men and women deserve to be paid for their work.

We urge you to sign this bill to compensate federal employees now, even before Congress reaches an agreement to end the government shutdown.


Paul M. Rinaldi
National President

Patricia C. Gilbert
Executive Vice President

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