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Volunteer of the Year

May 20, 2016 // Award: Communicating For Safety 2016 NCF Volunteer of the Year, Christine Prestia

Volunteer of the Year
From left to right: NCF Vice President Robin Hill, Prestia, and Nash.

Elena Nash presented the NATCA Charitable Foundation’s (NCF) Volunteer of the Year Award, with unanimous approval from all board members, to Christine Prestia, someone Nash said sacrifices her time, energy, and humor to making NCF a successful organization. Prestia is an Associate NATCA member and wife of Houston Center controller Dominic Prestia.

“Some people just make you smile,” Nash said. “I’m glad she’s my friend because she makes everything better.”

Nash continued, “She has been volunteering for years, making everything she touches better, happier, and sweeter.”

Described as the NCF’s “morale booster,” Prestia gives her all to NCF as well as to her friends and family. Just before Communicating For Safety 2015, Prestia was in an accident and broke her ribs, but attended anyway to volunteer through terrible pain because she felt it was her duty.

Prestia and her husband have been Platinum Sponsors of NCF for years and their donations help NCF thrive.

View the presentation.

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