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International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA)

The Controller, Journal of Air Traffic Control (quarterly electronic magazine)

The latest issue (May/June 2016) of the magazine is available on a variety of platforms:

  • The IFATCA website: http://the-controller.ifatca.org, where issues can be read from within your browser. While this can be read on mobile devices, it does require you to be online (and your provider may charge you for this). For the best experience, we recommend to select the full screen option via the toolbar on top of the pages.
  • Mobile Devices (tablets): The easiest option for mobile devices is to download the issuu.com app, which allows you to read The Controller offline. Find the isssue.com app in your app store or via http://ios.ifatca.org and http://android.ifatca.org. Best of all, the issues are now available for free – look for IFATCA once you’ve started the app.
  • PDF Version: download the pdf version of the latest issue. This file is about 5Mb in size and requires a PDF viewer to be able to read it.
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