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May 25, 2016: FAA, NATCA Announce Tentative Agreement on New Collective Bargaining Agreement

May 25, 2016

Contacts: Sarah McCann, NATCA, 315-796-1560; Laura Brown, FAA, 202-359-3680

FAA, NATCA Announce Tentative Agreement on New Collective Bargaining Agreement

WASHINGTON – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and its largest union, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, AFL-CIO (NATCA) announced today they have reached a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) covering the air traffic control specialists assigned to the terminal and en route options, traffic management coordinators/specialists, air traffic controllers assigned to the flight service option, and Notice to Airmen specialists (NOTAMS).

The tentative agreement culminates a swift, and very effective interest-based bargaining process that began in January. It reflects the strong collaborative relationship that FAA and NATCA have established over the past seven years. The current collective bargaining agreement was signed in 2009, and extended in 2012.

NATCA will now send the agreement to its members for a ratification vote. NATCA anticipates that it will be concluded by mid-July.

“Together, NATCA and the FAA have continued to work successfully on safety and modernization, labor relations, professional standards, training, and many other important issues,” said FAA Chief Operating Officer Teri Bristol. “These interest-based negotiations have reflected that same commitment to successful collaboration.”

“This agreement was achieved through a collaborative process, building upon our successful working relationships at all levels of the FAA and NATCA,” NATCA President Paul Rinaldi said. “This agreement recognizes the vital role that NATCA members play in meeting the FAA’s mission to ensure that the United States airspace is the safest and most efficient system in the world.”

This CBA will provide stability for the workforce and ensure continued collaboration for the employees who provide the safest air transportation system in the world.

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