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January 15, 2015 // Facility Spotlight: Bedford ATCT

There are 15 NATCA members at Bedford ATCT (BED), making this facility 100 percent NATCA!

The controllers working at this level seven facility are responsible for guiding all aircraft that fly through Class D airspace. The aircraft these controllers work are 90 percent corporate jets and small general aviation aircraft, with the occasional airline charter and military aircraft. At times, a BED controller’s sequence could include a Cessna, a Citation, and an F-18, according to NATCA BED FacRep Alex Ward.

The NATCA members at this facility work with controllers at Boston TRACON.

NATCA BED hosts regular Union membership meetings. The group takes pride in being one of the more than 90 facilities that is 100 percent membership.

“All of the BED members are hardworking professionals who support each other day in and day out to run a safe operation,” said Ward. “I’m proud to represent them and my Union.”

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