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January 22, 2015 // Facility Spotlight: Teterboro ATCT

There are a total of 28 NATCA members at this 100 percent NATCA facility! The composition of the membership includes 19 CPCs, seven developmentals, one TMC, and one staff specialist.

NATCA Teterboro (TEB) FacRep Gerad Quaye says TEB is currently a level seven tower but is in the process of an upgrade.

The tower was commissioned on October 29, 1975. However, Quaye says planning, environmental, and feasibility studies are currently underway for a new control tower with groundbreaking expected in the next couple of years.

Teterboro controllers primarily work Class D airspace, though on a certain runway configuration, the tower is delegated Class B airspace to handle potential conflicts between a missed approach at Teterboro and aircraft arriving at Newark ATCT (EWR).

TEB has direct lines of communication with EWR, which is located 11 miles to the south of TEB. LGA tower is located eight miles to the east, and Caldwell (CDW) is located 10 miles to the west of TEB. New York TRACON (N90) is the radar controlling facility for TEB and New York Center is the overlying en route center.

As the busiest general aviation airport on the east coast, TEB controllers work a wide variety of corporate jets, single-engine props, and helicopters.

Quaye says unique to working at TEB is the use of a VFR departure procedure for an aircraft on an IFR flight plan. The tower is responsible and required to provide IFR separation by “hitting the gap” in the EWR arrival final.

“This procedure was put in place to help reduce departure delays at TEB during high arrival demand into EWR, along with compliance with airport noise abatement,” explains Quaye.

TFRs are a common occurrence at Teterboro throughout the year, according to Quaye, who explained that MetLife Stadium is home to two NFL teams and is located three miles south of Teterboro, within the confines of its Class D airspace.

“TFRs also go into effect during New York Yankees baseball games and change normal procedures and interaction with both LGA and EWR towers,” says Quaye. “The General Assembly of the United Nations is held on the east side of Manhattan annually, along with the occasional presidential/VIP movements, which keep us busy, too.”

Local events that increase traffic for TEB controllers include the TEB airport annual Wings and Wheel Summer Expo featuring WWII airplanes, helicopters and other unique aircraft, military vehicles, and vintage and contemporary show cars. The event also includes rides in a B-17 around the New York area.

Quaye says NATCA TEB regularly holds scheduled membership meetings throughout the year at local bars and hosts holiday cookouts and parties. The local also gets together with surrounding facilities to attend sporting events and social gatherings.

The NATCA TEB local is filled with young, dedicated, and motivated individuals who take pride in the Union and in the profession.

“The best part of being the Teterboro NATCA FacRep is the camaraderie experienced every day, and the ability to make a difference and see the facility evolve for the better,” says Quaye.

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