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October 09, 2014 // Facility Spotlight: Minneapolis Tower/TRACON


“The atmosphere at MSP is nothing short of awesome,” says FacRep Sam Tomlin. “We have a group of people here who are dedicated to not only the profession but NATCA.”

The 38 NATCA members at the level 11 tower enjoy spending time together outside of work. Activities include summer boating excursions, fall bowling events, and ice fishing and curling in the winter.

Looking ahead, NATCA members at MSP are very excited that Vikings Stadium in Minneapolis has been selected to host the 2018 Super Bowl. The city previously hosted the event in 1992.

“The best part of being FacRep at MSP is the members themselves,” Tomlin said. “It truly is an honor to serve the members and help with issues that arise.”


Minneapolis TRACON (M98) is a level 11 facility with 60 NATCA members. The current facility was remodeled in 1997.

Major events in and around the Twin Cities keep M98 controllers busy. These include the Republican National Convention, the Major League Baseball All Star game, and the upcoming 2018 Super Bowl.

Outside of work, the M98 local joins with Minneapolis Tower (MSP) and Minneapolis Center (ZMP) for annual solidarity and family events. M98 also holds monthly local meetings that bring together 20 to 25 members on average.

“We have a great membership that is always willing to work on and resolve issues. I never have a lack of volunteers here at the TRACON,” says FacRep Roger Mathieu. “The best part of being the rep is the incredible support I get from the membership.”

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