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Member Focus: Kyle Hare // October 25, 2012

Kyle Hare, Kansas City Center

Air traffic control career:

  • Hired off the street in 2008
  • Attended the FAA Academy, and in Sept. 2008, was hired at Kansas City Center (ZKC)
  • Certified since Jan. 2011

Born and raised: Born in Wichita, Kan., and raised in a small town north of Lawrence, Kan.

How did you get involved with NATCA? Do you have a family history of unionism?

My father was in the American Postal Workers Union where he was a letter carrier. So he’s always been a union member. On the flip side of that, my mom has always been on the management side working for the FAA in labor relations. So it’s the complete opposite direction for me. But my mom is pro-NATCA. She understands it, and she gets how important and strong it is. She’s really pushed me to progress within our union.

What are you involved in with NATCA?

I’m on the National Reloaded Committee as the Central Region Reloaded Representative. I’m on the Kansas City Center Executive Board. I’m also an Alternate Area Representative in the area I work. And before that, I was a Local Reloaded Representative.

What’s it like being on the Reloaded Committee?

This is actually my first meeting (committee meeting was held this past week) as I’ve recently taken over this Reloaded opportunity. For me, I enjoy helping new members in any way I can, like guiding them through their initial training. I’ve always been interested in helping out the younger members, and as a local representative, I really tried to make myself available to them.

How did you get involved in these leadership roles within NATCA?

I always wanted to be involved in NATCA, but everything happened a little faster than I anticipated. My FacRep, Dana Bain, really pushed me to get involved on the Central Region Reloaded Committee. But I do want to make sure when I leave that I leave for something.

Do you have any hobbies outside of NATCA?

I’m a single parent, so my daughter, Kelsey, 9, takes up most of my time. I’m also a huge Kansas basketball fan, so I’m obsessed with keeping up with that.

Has there been a favorite moment for you while at NATCA?

I got to go to an OKC Meet & Greet last spring. I really enjoyed being able to share my experiences as a controller, and what was really cool was when I got to see the excitement from these new guys. I also organized a solidarity event over the summer, at a local theme park, Worlds of Fun, where I had 80 controllers attend. It was encouraging to see people get out there and contribute to the PAC.

Do you have any advice/tips/messages for members who would like to get involved?

I’d say, don’t be shy. If you want to get involved, just get involved. Ask the right people around you what you’re interested in. If I hadn’t asked what I should do to get involved, I wouldn’t be doing any of what I’m doing now.

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