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June 10, 2016 // The 2016 Tentative CBA

LATEST NEWS: NATCA members in the ATC, TMC/S, FSS, and NOTAMS units are entitled to participate in a contract ratification vote for the 2016 Tentative CBA. NATCA has retained the services of an outside vendor, Global Election Services (GES), to conduct an ONLINE contract ratification vote. On June 7, GES mailed letters with information on the online contract ratification voting process. Members should expect to receive this letter prior to next Wednesday, June 15. The letter contains a Unique PIN, which is required to log in to the voting website. You will also need your NATCA membership number to log in to the site. If you do not know your NATCA membership number, please click here.

VOTING PERIOD: The voting website will go live at 9 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 15. Once the voting website is live, a link to the site will be placed on the members-only side of the NATCA website, on our Tentative CBA webpage at 2016cba.natca.net. The address for the voting website is also contained in the letter to members from GES. Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 6.

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE IN VOTING: If you misplace your Unique PIN or have any problems logging in to voting website, please contact Global Election Services at 877-455-9367 or [email protected]. Members with other questions about the contract ratification voting process may contact NATCA General Counsel Marguerite Graf at [email protected], or Assistant General Counsel Lauren Schmidt at [email protected].

WHERE TO FIND ALL INFORMATION 2016cba.natca.net: NATCA has set up a page on the members-only side of the natca.org website where you can find all information related to the tentative CBA, including the full text of the 2016 tentative CBA, a rollover and change summary, and more. Please go to: 2016CBA.natca.net.

If you need help getting to the 2016CBA.natca.net page:
How To Log In: Use your NATCA Portal username and password. Once you log in to the new members section using your NATCA Portal credentials, you can choose “Remember me” and your browser will save it for ensuing visits.

How Do You Get Your Portal Login Credentials In Order To Access The New Website Members Side? You can quickly and easily register for the NATCA Portal and create the credentials you’ll need to access the new members section of natca.org. Go to: https://portal.natca.net/Register.aspx. You will need your membership number.

Don’t know your membership number? Go to: https://portal.natca.org/ForgotUsername.aspx.

TO ASK THE CONTRACT TEAM A QUESTION: Please send an email to [email protected].

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