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June 17, 2016 // Photo Album: Washington D.C Golf Outing, FCT Training, and Conference Planning: See All of the Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country This Week

Andy Lewis, Retired ROC (far left ); John Gilbert, Retired ZHU (second from left); Ty Campbell, True Hero Wounded Veteran (middle); Kieron Heflin, IAD, (second from right); and Pete LeFevre, IAD, (far right) represented NATCA in the 9th Annual ESPN 980 True Heroes Golf Tournament. The tournament benefits The Purple Heart Foundation. All net proceeds from the event are donated to the charity.


Federal Contract Tower FacRep Training was held this week at NATCA’s National Office in Washington, D.C. Organizing Committee Chairman John Bratcher addressed the class and was joined by members of the National Office Staff who give trainees a look at all things NATCA.



Reloaded Committee Chair Dawn Johnson (ZTL), along with Reloaded Committee members Chris Stephenson (ZME), Jennifer Van Rooy (ZDV), Chrissy Padgett (ZDC), Jacqui Smith (National Office staff), and Kelly Richardson (National Office staff) developed classes for the 2016 San Diego Convention.


Communicating For Safety (CFS) Planning Committee members Steve Hansen (National Safety Committee Chairman), Jim Ullmann (NATCA Director of Safety and Technology), Brandon Miller (PCT), Jacqui Smith (National Office Staff), Sarah McCann (National Office Staff), Cher Oxenburg (ZTL), Megan Seidman (National Office Staff), Jennifer Van Rooy (ZDV), and Chrissy Padgett (ZDC) met this week to start planning for CFS 2017.

CFS Planning

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