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July 1, 2016 // Photo Album: NCE, NNE, NRX, NGL, NSW, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Los Angeles, and Texas: See All of the Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country this Week

NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert traveled the country this week, attending several regional pre-convention and membership meetings to speak with NATCA’s membership about many important issues.

Rinaldi and Gilbert addressed members at a Central Region, New England Region, and Region X pre-convention meeting in Providence. NATCA Central Regional Vice President (RVP) Kevin Peterson, New England RVP Mike Robicheau, and Region X RVP Mike MacDonald were also in attendance.


Rinaldi and Gilbert were joined by Cleveland Center FacRep and Contract Negotiation Team member Drew MacQueen, and Great Lakes National Legislative Committee Chair Mike Hanlon and addressed attendees of the NATCA Great Lakes Region pre-convention this week.




NATCA Southwest RVP Andrew LeBovidge attended a pre-pre-convention meeting dinner with local membership this week. He said it was a great gathering of regional activists and a great start to the Southwest Region pre-convention meeting. The meeting itself was held the next morning and featured both Rinaldi and Gilbert. National Organizing Committee Chair John Bratcher and Eastern RVP Dean Iacopelli were also in attendance.




Article 48 Rep Matt Tucker attended an NTSB PIREP (pilot weather reports) Forum this week. Tucker spoke on a panel and participated in roundtable discussions. The NTSB will use the information and opinions shared to write a special investigation report this year.

During roundtable discussion, Tucker was asked what the one thing he would like to see to improve the PIREP system would be.

“The ability for the controller to enter PIREPs through automation,” he replied. “We already have position, type, altitude, and time. All we need to add is a couple of keystrokes to enter the phenomenon.”



NATCA Southern California TRACON (SCT) members recently “rocked the house” at Petco Park, according to SCT FacRep Ron Geyer. He says 180 NATCA members, friends and family enjoyed the brand new “Sun Diego Deck” located in center field of the stadium, and incoming SCT FacRep Joel Ortiz threw out the first pitch of the Padres/Marlins game. Geyer also says NATCA SCT and the NATCA Charitable Foundation worked together to deliver a $3,000 check to Snowball Express — a charity that helps children of fallen military heroes — at the game.

First Pitch

Congratulations to NATCA member Danny Carroll, who NATCA LA Center (NATCA ZLA) named Controller of the Quarter. FacRep Nate Pair says, “Danny is a true professional and during all his time working in TMU, he is consistently looking out for his fellow controllers and the NAS. We are proud to call him our NATCA brother.”

LA Center

Houston TRACON (I90) FacRep and ASI Committee member Adam Rhodes has created two great Texas-themed NATCA logos! Feel free to share them with membership and decorate your social media with them.

NatcaTX 4


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