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AVP Escape room

July 8, 2016 // Photo Album: Pennsylvania, Houston, Denver: See All of the Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country this Week

Who has held the most unique solidarity event in recent times? That distinction goes to Wilkes Barre ATCT (AVP), where members successfully completed an escape room challenge. Escape Rooms are an interactive, audience immersive entertainment experience where participants work as a team to solve the puzzle of a locked room by finding and using the hidden clues around them as the clock ticks down.

“We try to show our members that our Union doesn’t begin and end at the facility,” AVP FacRep Lenny Ameika said. “With new hires coming to our facility from across the country, we try to get them out doing different things to help with being in a new place.”

Pictured from left to right: 
Dan Campanell (AVP VP), Marissa Puleo, Ameika, Colleen Zwirble (retired member), Michael Ficarro (AVP), Jael La Touché (AVP Legislative Rep), and John Edmundson (AVP).

AVP Escape room

NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert visited Houston TRACON (I90) this week. Gilbert met with some members there and answered questions regarding staffing, funding of the NAS, the tentative CBA, and the upcoming NATCA Convention in San Diego.

Trish at I90

On Saturday, June 25, members of Denver Center (ZDV) NATCA set up a booth at the LMO Expo at Vance Brand Airport in the center’s hometown of Longmont, Colo., with the goal of increasing their visibility in the local community. The air show was well attended by the local flying community and they were able to make several connections with local aviators. ZDV NATCA considered this a very successful event that they will attend in future years and hope to see some local pilots tour the facility soon.

From left to right: ZDV members Ray Evangelista, Mark Reisdorph, Honorary Member Linny Dahlin (the baby), Area Rep Angie Dahlin, FacRep Josh Waggener, and Secretary Megan Haynes
From left to right: NATCA members Joe DeBrohun and Geoff Vaughn setting up the air show booth.

ZDV NATCA held their annual NATCA Birthday BBQ on Wednesday, June 29, at a local brewery where one of the brewers is a pilot. The space they provided was the perfect size for the membership to eat, socialize, and play games. ZDV NATCA had three different raffles they drew for at the BBQ that raised over $250 for the NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF). The BBQ was well attended by the local membership and the brewery loved having NATCA there. They have even offered to donate items to a raffle to benefit the NCF.


Tom Casanova and James Mccloskey in their NATCA garb.


Members socializing (no fire on a 95 degree day).
ZDV Trainee Jenifer Cameron and her daughter, Anna.
One of three NCF raffle winners, Kyle Young. He won a round of golf at a course in Longmont, along with NATCA golf balls, a towel, and a few other golf accessories.
Cornhole competition among Mark Groom, Tom Casanova, Mark Reisdorph, and James Mccloskey.
Andy Peterson (the grillmaster for the day), Carlos Mendoza, and Josh Fried.
Kelly Neuhaus and Liz Davis and her family, who all sported NATCA shirts!
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