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July 22, 2016 // Take a Stand for Safety

Weather 2

Weather remains one of the most important safety issues discussed in facilities and amongst aviation safety professionals. NATCA made this topic a high priority at Communicating For Safety (CFS) last March with a panel discussion that stressed the importance of controllers and pilots communicating weather information in order to prevent accidents.

Simply put: Weather awareness saves lives. A pilot’s equipment alone cannot see the full weather picture. It takes controllers and pilots working together to have full situational awareness. Together, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NATCA are addressing safety myths, encouraging controllers to issue weather early and often, solicit PIREPs (Pilot Reports), and save lives on a daily basis.

The FAA and NATCA launched a new collaborative program at CFS 2016, called “Take a Stand for Safety,” to address key safety topics. The first of those is weather dissemination.

“In many cases, smaller aircraft don’t have access to weather tools and equipment or have delayed information on board,” FAA Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer Teri Bristol said in a message to all ATO employees in March after CFS. “So it’s important to verify the forecast early and often and solicit pilot weather reports to be able to disseminate up-to-date information to all pilots. When both controllers and pilots have the most up-to-date weather information, they can make the best decisions possible.”

NATCA.org has devoted a new page to the Take a Stand for Safety initiative that showcases informative and interesting safety materials to use as educational resources. That includes access to several videos devoted to weather, specifically from the perspective of controllers. One video highlights how past Archie League Medal of Safety award-winning events involved exceptional work by controllers to help pilots overcome challenges presented by weather and safely complete their flights.

Access the Take a Stand for Safety webpage and learn more about weather awareness.

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NATCA will be highlighting Take a Stand for Safety at Communicating For Safety 2017. Keep an eye out for this flyer and consider attending the aviation industry’s leading conference focused on safety, technology, and building relationships with other aviation professionals.
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