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Aug. 19, 2016 // Professionalism Award Application Now Available!

ProStan logoDo you know someone who is an outstanding professional? Have you seen someone whose individual contribution and performance enhanced the standings of our profession?

Then help us recognize them by nominating them for the second annual NATCA National Professionalism Awards, presented at Communicating For Safety (CFS) 2017!

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 31, 2016. Submit a NATCA Professionalism Award Application today!

The National Professional Standards Committee (PSC) will invite the award winners to attend CFS to be recognized for their achievement and to receive their award. They will be entitled to travel and expense reimbursement, in accordance with the NATCA travel policy, similar to the reimbursement provided to the Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners.

The goal of NATCA’s Professional Standards program is to maintain and promote professionalism across all of NATCA’s bargaining units. We achieve that through a commitment to safety and the public’s trust. We work to inspire, motivate and provide personal examples of our professionalism to others and to maintain the highest standard of excellence. We know our actions represent all our fellow professionals and we work to bring honor and respect to all that we do.

The NATCA National Professional Standards Workgroup has created a “NATCA Professionalism Award” as a means to recognize the actions of those who continually strive to achieve these goals.

ProStan Award

Last year’s recipients:

Western Service Area:
Dan Rossmango, Los Angeles Center

Central Service Area:
Randy Clark, Kansas City ATCT

Eastern Service Area:
Dave Fournier, Memphis Center

Any NATCA member may nominate another member for the award, with no limit on the number of nominations received from a single facility, region or service area. Only members in good standing will be eligible to receive the award(s). A team of members is also eligible for the award and will be judged in the same manner as a single member.

The PSC must receive one (1) nomination via electronic submission for each event in order for the committee to consider it.

Professionalism is seldom based on a single event but rather on a demonstration of consistent personal commitment to safety and excellence, on professional contributions and on individual performance that enhances the standings of our profession.

Nominations should include a description of why the nominee deserves the award and all relevant information. The nominator should identify what the nominee did that enhanced the profession or promoted and maintained professionalism, and he or she needs to include statements or testimonials from other individuals supporting the nomination. The description can include transcripts or recordings of events and official documentation. Please submit as much information as possible on the nominee to assist the PSC in determining the award winners.

Nominations can be submitted via the NATCA National Professionalism Awards Application.

Any documentation or questions may be sent to [email protected] or mailed to:

Attn: Professional Standards
1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

The PSC will email you proof of receipt of the nomination.

All nomination forms for the second annual National Professionalism Awards must be submitted electronically or postmarked by Dec. 31, 2016.

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