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Sept. 16, 2016 // Local Efforts Strengthen Relationship with Congressional Representatives

A primary goal of NATCA in Washington (NiW) is preparing members to return home and build and maintain strong relationships with their local representatives. Dedicated NATCAvists have seen huge success at home as advocates for this great Union.

Check out the NATCA Flickr page for more photos from recent legislative visits and get inspired to build a strong relationship with your local representative.

Charleston Tower/AFB ATCT (CHS) Legislative Rep Chris Harris and South Carolina State Coordinator Brett Garman gave a tour of the facility to Congressman Mark Sanford, R-SC. Harris and Garman spoke about the importance of stable funding for the National Airspace System (NAS), air traffic controller staffing levels, and NextGen. For more information, read Congressman Sanford’s press release on the visit.


Top left: Brett Garman and Congressman Sanford.
Top center: Stephanie Faison, Congressman Sanford, and Brett Garman.
Top right: Jason Brown and Congressman Sanford.
Bottom left: Jason Brown and Congressman Sanford.
Bottom center: Congressman Sanford and Dustin Savel.
Bottom right: Stephanie Faison, Congressman Sanford, Brett Garman, Chris Harris, and John Gilliard.

Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks, R-Ind., met with Indianapolis ATCT (IND) VP Joe Daskalakis and IND controller Jarrod Martin this week for a tour of the tower and had this to say in a Facebook post about her visit:

Ever wonder what the view from the Indianapolis International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower looks like? Before my flight to (Washington) D.C. this morning, I took a tour and learned more about what it takes to manage an airport like ours. Check out the Indianapolis, Indiana skyline in the distance!

Daskalakis and Martin discussed the details of the operation at IND and other issues important to NATCA with the Congresswoman.


Top: Indianapolis Airport from above.
Bottom left: Congresswoman Brooks (center) takes in the view from the tower.
Bottom right: Martin, Congressman Brooks, and Daskalakis.

South Bend ATCT (SBN) Legislative Rep Mike Smith and SBN controller Blake Leach gave Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., a tour of SBN. They discussed the operation at SBN with the Congresswoman and touched on several issues important to NATCA.

Walorski Collage

Top left: Congresswoman Walorski (center right) discusses the operation with Leach (right) and Smith (center left).
Top right: Congresswoman Walorski (center) takes in the view from the Tower with Smith (right).
Bottom left: Leach, Congresswoman Walorski, and Smith.
Bottom right: Congresswoman Walorski gets a glimpse at what keeps SBN running.

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