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Oct. 7, 2016 // Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

NATCA Disaster Relief Fund
Before there were GoFundMe and other fundraising websites, in 1992, NATCA created a disaster relief fund following the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when many of our members were without essentials in its aftermath, NATCA used our disaster relief fund to purchase food and all kinds of supplies. Members from Florida and Texas took the items to our brothers and sisters who suffered the worst of the storm in Mississippi and Louisiana. Due to the generosity of our membership, the fund continued to grow after that horrific storm, and it allowed NATCA members to help those affected after Hurricanes Rita (2005) and Ike (2008). There has not been a call for donations to the fund since after Ike. Since then, we have provided supplies or assistance to controllers and aviation safety professionals after earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal, wildfires in California and Canada, floods in Baton Rouge, and Hurricane Sandy. As Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, we want to ensure that there are sufficient funds to purchase supplies our members may need. We have volunteers ready to purchase and deliver supplies as soon as we know where they are needed. Please donate to the NATCA disaster relief fund. Through PayPal, you can donate directly to [email protected] by selecting the “Send money to friends and family option.” You can also use the PayPal link by clicking: NATCA Disaster Relief Fund. To our members in the storm’s path: please continue to take all precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and your families. We are with you in solidarity and are here to help in any way we can.

FAA EAP/ WorkLife Resources: Hurricane Response and Recovery
The information below provides links to resources to deal with the after effects of a natural disaster, from finding resources to meet basic needs to dealing with the emotional effects of trauma. More behavioral health information will be published based upon the emotional continuum of responses to tragedy. All regions are welcome to publish this information locally per employee need or request.

  • FAA WorkLife Solutions available 24/7 at 800.234.1327 (TTY 800-456-4006). The FAA has funded Concierge Services as part of the EAP/WorkLife Program, which may assist in finding temporary housing and basic resources. In addition, Legal and Financial Resources may be of assistance. An employee or family member may call the WorkLife program at 800-456-4006 where a WorkLife consultant will work with the member/family in need to the best of their ability to address their basic needs.
  • FAA WorkLife Solutions website at magellanhealth.com/member. To enter FAA webpages as a guest, input the FAA dedicated number 800-234-1327. The website has an online library of information on disaster response as well as a hurricane guide. Resources are available to assist FAA employees in finding temporary shelter, legal and financial resources, and federal and state agencies dedicated to disaster assistance. The WorkLife Solutions telephone number and website is published with each article on the National Broadcasts.
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