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NATCA On-boarding develops methods to assist new facility representatives in transitioning to their new roles. These methods will provide the reps initial guidance and direction so that they have the necessary tools to begin their journey as new rep. This direction begins with the basic fundamentals that they must accomplish such as advising all concerned that they are the new representative for that local, taking over the finances for the local, and receiving all local passwords.

It also gives a new rep the very basic understanding of all things that they will/may encounter in their new role like filing end of year finances, dealing with annual negotiations, any upcoming training they can sign up for, contract/constitution language, etc. On-boarding is not a substitute or fill in for Basic Rep Training, but rather a concept that will touch the very basic things that are later explored in Rep Training.

Ideally, a member of the regional On-boarding team will know prior to a new rep taking office. An On-boarding member will get in touch with a new rep prior to them taking office, and give them an overview of what to expect their first day on the job. Within the first couple of days of taking office, the On-boarding member will physically come to the facility and go over each item of a thorough checklist. This gives the new rep the chance to ask questions one on one, and a focal point of sorts until the rep becomes familiar with the contacts within the Union.

If you are an incoming or outgoing facility rep, or have upcoming elections for this office, please contact your regional On-boarding Rep as soon as possible. Ideally, this process should be started prior to a new rep taking office, and the checklist completed within the first week.

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