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Oct. 28, 2016 // Turn Off Tune In: A Focus on Safety

TOTI GraphicIn a new FAA-NATCA video, controllers talk about why keeping electronic distractions out of the operational environment is critical, and how Turn Off Tune In is helping.

“It doesn’t take much to pull your attention away from the scope,” said Albuquerque Center member Dave Bricker.

Surveys have found that mobile phone users check their phones over 200 times per day. All it takes is an app notification, a text message, a phone call, anything that lights up the screen or triggers a buzz, and a person’s focus can instantly shift to their phone.

“There is no place for it in the workplace,” said Kansas City Center FacRep Aaron Merrick.

“We need to tune in to the traffic, turn off the phones,” added Chicago Center member Michelle Buchanan.

Turn Off Tune In, now in its fourth year, continues to help grow safety culture at facilities large and small across the country. Managers and NATCA facility representatives are seeing a positive impact first-hand.

“We haven’t seen an issue again since that campaign started,” said Fort Worth Center FacRep Nick Daniels.

“It’s a very rare occurrence now to see anyone with a cellphone on,” said Southern California TRACON member Josh Cooper.

This story has been published jointly by the FAA and NATCA. Learn more about how controllers and managers are eliminating distractions by visiting the Turn Off Tune In page on the members side of natca.org.

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