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Become a PSC Member

Upcoming Professional Standards Classes

To become a Professional Standards Committee member, you must have been selected by your Facility Representative (FacRep) in accordance with Article 52.

Article 52, Section 3.”…The Facility PSC will be comprised of bargaining unit employees only, appointed by the Principal Facility Representative or his/her designee.”

Your FacRep should send that designation to the National PSC at [email protected] along with your name, email, and cell phone information. Once this notification has been received, designated individuals will be assigned to an upcoming class date for training. The designee’s name will be sent to our FAA counterparts who will then notify each individual’s ATM of their selection, along with a request to release them for this training. This notification takes place approx. 45-60 days prior to the training. It will include the travel and training dates, travel authorization, and instructions and all other pertinent travel information. Each selectee will receive the notification as well.

Each selectee is requested to complete the following eLMS courses prior to the training:

• FY 16 Accountability Board Training for FAA Managers (FAA30201251)
• Understanding Your EEO Rights & Responsibilities Video (FAA30200753)
• Equal Employment Opportunity: Sexual Harassment (FAA01200409)

This is official government travel and is in accordance with the FAA travel policy (FAATP). It is considered duty time and is funded by the FAA.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact [email protected] with any questions.

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