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Dec. 9, 2016 // Celebrate 30 Years of NATCA!

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Next year, NATCA will celebrate 30 years of incredible accomplishments – meeting challenges with a collective spirit, energy, and passion, and building the unity, strength, and solidarity of our great Union to best represent the greatest workforce of aviation safety professionals in the history of aviation.

June 19, 2017, marks the 30th anniversary of the Federal Labor Relations Authority’s certification of NATCA as the exclusive bargaining representative of Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers. Throughout 2017, NATCA will take members on a trip through our history and archives, reliving the most notable moments, including issues, events, leaders, personalities, and bargaining units of dedicated aviation safety professionals that have shaped NATCA into the proud Union it is today.

The strength of the Union lies in its individual members and local facilities. Thus, we want every local to share in the year-long celebration and begin now to think about ways in which you would like to mark the anniversary. We invite you to also think about how you would like integrate it into your plans to increase your NATCAvism, from local meetings to solidarity events, charitable efforts in your communities, and more.

We will chronicle all anniversary news and historical articles in the NATCA Insider throughout 2017, in addition to our social media outlets and also on a special 30th anniversary webpage that will be set up on the natca.org website.

Happy 30th Anniversary NATCA! We’ve come a long way together and we look forward to proudly celebrating this accomplishment with you.

In Solidarity,
Paul Rinaldi, President
Trish Gilbert, Executive Vice President

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