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CLT Scholarship

Dec. 16, 2016 // Facility Spotlight: Facilities Give Back

Facilities across the country are showing strength through solidarity and giving back to their communities.

Charlotte ATCT (CLT) controllers have kept busy this year organizing golf outings, scholarship funds, adopting families, supporting local charities, and more.

CLT’s annual golf outing supported many of the efforts CLT’s local Charitable Committee deemed appropriate this year. Members have started the CLT NATCA Scholarship from the proceeds of the golf event. This year, Kylie Moran, daughter of Angie Moran (a 22-year NATCA member), won the scholarship. Kylie will attend the University of South Carolina next fall and major in nursing.

CLT Scholarship

CLT has also continued its holiday efforts this year. Members have provided a hot meal to over 100 people during Thanksgiving the past four years, and they have adopted a family this Christmas, to assist with gift-giving.

NATCA brothers and sisters also participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Charlotte. This year, they sent a “little brother” to Disney World with his CLT “big brother.” CLT also sent over 20 program participants for a day at the Columbia Zoo as part of their connection with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charlotte.

CLT Zoo Collage

CLT’s most recent project has been giving to the Justin Pepper Foundation. The foundation was created in memory of the son of a retired controller at Columbia Metropolitan ATCT (CAE). The origin of the foundation details the life of a young man truly determined to give back to the children in his community. Watch this video to learn more about Justin and the foundation that honors his legacy.

“Starting last year, CLT NATCA began donating $500, taken from the proceeds of the golf outing, as well as contributing controller donations of toys and/or money to this great cause,” said CLT FacRep Anthony Schifano. “Jim Pepper, former CAE member and Justin’s dad, spoke at our golf outing about the impact we have had and it was one of those moments you realize it is all worth the effort.”

CLT encourages everyone across the country to be an advocate for the communities and get involved in any way they can.

Los Angles Center (ZLA) has stepped up and adopted families through the Salvation Army’s holiday program.

“Today was an awesome and humbling day,” said ZLA FacRep Nate Pair, after donating the gifts to the charity. “Our ZLA NATCA brothers and sisters, along with other ZLA employees, adopted seven families through the Salvation Army’s holiday program.”

The donations brought in by controllers and their families totaled over four truckloads! Members were able to deliver presents directly to the families, saying the looks on the children’s faces were priceless.


“We are so thankful for the response from ZLA to aid these families going through tough times,” said Pair. “Thank you to every person at ZLA who donated and their amazing generosity. Thank you Martin Ramirez, James Decker, Jerry Roberts, and Lindsay Plein for helping deliver all the gifts today and making sure all the families’ gifts were in order! Special thank you to Carmen Martinez for her coordination in setting all of this up.”

“This year, Cleveland Center (ZOB) continued its tradition of generosity and charity with our Season of Sharing program,” said Great Lakes National Legislative Committee Chair Mike Hanlon. “Every year, we coordinate with a school in Cleveland to donate clothes and toys to deserving children.”

The program itself is very detail-oriented. Controllers are able to get specific information, including Christmas lists, from every child. This allows volunteers to find the right sized clothes and toys they are wishing for. Children are then paired with controllers at ZOB that are willing to go out and buy items that the kids need and hope for. This year was one of the biggest and best efforts ZOB has seen. Almost 160 deserving children will now get to open presents on Christmas morning that range from clothes to bicycles. In one instance, controllers were even able to work with local businesses in Cleveland to donate eye exams and glasses to help a family in need.

“I would like to thank Thomas Jones (Area 2) for stepping up and taking over this program from Shelby Anders (Area 3), who retired this past year, but was still a big help in coordinating with the school,” said Hanlon. “Special thanks go to Melanie Robinson (Area 5), Katie Johnson (Area 7), and the NATCA ZOB Local that donated funds to get gifts for the last 15 kids that we couldn’t place. I cannot thank the people at ZOB who support this enough. This is a very special program that brings a lot of joy to many families. Thank you again for your unbelievable generosity, and happy holidays!”


The local at Prescott ATCT (PRC) adopted two families this holiday season and are thrilled to make their holiday bright. PRC FacRep Noel Kingston thanks NATCA member Geoff Kusel for organizing the gift drive every year and thanks the entire facility, staff, and management for participating and standing together in solidarity.

Pictured from left to right: Geoff Kusel, Angel Treto, Monica Guzman, Noel Kingston, and Glenn Higa.

How is your facility giving back this season? Share your efforts with all of your NATCA brothers and sisters by sending them to Insider Managing Editor Sarah Zilonis at [email protected].

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