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Jan. 6, 2017 // Photo Album: Newark, Washington, D.C.: See All of the Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country This Week

Newark ATCT (EWR) FacRep Ray Adams and EWR member Louis Caggiano recently met with Congressman Josh Gottheimer, D-NJ. They were able to discuss the recent busy travel season and the need to address failing aviation infrastructure. Pictured below are Caggiano (left), NJ Legislative Rep Angela Lagrasta (center), Adams (back right), and Congressman Gottheimer (far right).


The National Office was proud to host a group of students from the University Aviation Association on Thursday, Jan. 5, for a discussion about various aviation topics ranging from policy to safety and tech, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Outreach and Special Events Coordinator Jacqui Smith hosted the group, which included several students from Saudi Arabia, and several others from Iowa. Director of Safety and Technology Jim Ullmann, National UAS Rep Steve Weidner, and Special Counsel to the President Eugene Freedman led the discussion and fielded questions from the students.

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