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Feb. 3, 2017 // The 2017 NATCA National Professionalism Award

The NATCA National Executive Board (NEB) has selected this year’s second annual NATCA National Professionalism Award winners. The National Professional Standards Committee (PSC) made its award recommendations to the NEB from an incredible group of individuals nominated by their peers.

“This was another amazing group of professionals to choose from,” said PSC member Garth Koleszar. “The professionalism exhibited by all those submitted is incredibly inspiring. We can all learn something from their example.”

The winners are:

Western Service Area

  • Aaron Rose, Seattle TRACON (now at Seattle Center)

Central Service Area

  • Nate Holmberg, Indianapolis Center

Eastern Service Area

  • Pete Slattery, Charlotte ATCT
  • Matthew Sullivan, Potomac TRACON

Region X

  • Alan Stensland, Region X – Engineers, Southern Region

The goal of NATCA’s Professional Standards program is to maintain and promote professionalism across all of NATCA’s bargaining units. “We achieve that through a commitment to safety and the public’s trust,” Koleszar said. “We work to inspire, motivate and provide personal examples of our professionalism to others and to maintain the highest standard of excellence.”

The NATCA National Professionalism Award was created as a means to recognize those who have demonstrated a consistent personal commitment to safety and excellence, and whose professional contributions and individual performance has enhanced the standings of their profession.

“This is the second year we have awarded this important award and there were several important firsts,” Koleszar said. “We had our first repeat submission with Aaron Rose, our first Region X recipient, Alan Stensland, and our first tie with both Pete Slattery and Matt Sullivan.”

PSC member Andy Marosvari added, “This year was very difficult to choose the winners. There are so many incredible professionals out there. We wish we could have awarded all the professionals submitted.”

All those submitted were evaluated on their body of work throughout their careers. The factors considered were:

  • How did they as individuals promote professionalism?
  • How did they inspire and motivate others?
  • Did they personally demonstrate professionalism?
  • Testimonials and statements provided by their peers.

Joshua Cooper, the newest member of the PSC, said, “It was incredibly rewarding to see the accomplishments and the positive impact of all those submitted. Each demonstrated something that we can all learn from.”

“This is an incredible chance for us to recognize all of these individuals,” said Jeff Richards, PSC Co-lead. “Please join us in thanking this year’s NATCA professionalism award winners and every professional out there who make us who we are each and every day.”

The winners will be honored at Communicating For Safety on March 21. For more information about the National Professionalism Award, please click here.

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