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CFS Awards Recap Professionalism

Feb. 17, 2017 // NATCA Professionalism Awards: Nathan Holmberg (ZID)

CFS Awards Recap Professionalism

This is the second article in a series profiling the 2017 NATCA National Professionalism Award winners.

Nathan Holmberg (Indianapolis Center, ZID) is among the five winners of this year’s NATCA National Professionalism Award. NATCA will recognize his exemplary work on March 21 at Communicating For Safety. He is the winner for the Central Service Area.

The NATCA Professional Standards Committee (PSC) created the National Professionalism Award in 2015 as a means to recognize those members who have demonstrated a consistent personal commitment to safety and excellence, and whose professional contributions and individual performance has enhanced the standings of our profession.

Holmberg has been a controller at ZID for 16 years and has his private pilot’s license. The accolades from his co-workers were numerous and his peers had much to say.

NATCA PSC member Garth Koleszar relayed some of the praise from the nomination submitted for Holmberg.

“I was immediately impressed by how passionate he is about his air traffic work, but also his overall work ethic in all aspects,” one of Holmberg’s peers wrote. “I am sure that if you ask anyone who has worked with him, there is not a better air traffic controller and no one that cares about the overall job more than Nate. It is easy to see when new employees start training in his area that Nate is someone who they strive to emulate. By not only working traffic in a professional manner, but by also handling all aspects of the job in the same way, it makes those around him feel that they should strive to do their best as well. I feel the most impressive thing about Nate is the motivation behind the professionalism.”

Holmberg’s Front Line Manager also had great things to say about him. He wrote:

I have had the pleasure of supervising Nathan Holmberg since January 2014. It is my opinion that there is not a better air traffic controller within the FAA. Nathan prides himself on achieving and maintaining the highest of personal and professional standards.

As a controller, Nathan’s attitude and abilities far exceed all expectations. His phraseology is consistently exemplary. His ability to work traffic is at the top of the profession. The safety and efficiency of the agency are items that Nathan works daily to maintain. Nathan is the controller you want in the area if his fellow controller or supervisor needs assistance or has a question. As an on the job trainer, Nathan teaches developmentals the foundations and expectations. He then makes it his priority to guide them through the training process to achieve success. Nathan accepts nothing less than the best a developmental is capable of demonstrating.

Without fail, Nathan exhibits his professionalism while performing his duties. In my 24 years of experience in the air traffic control career field, I have never worked with such an outstanding individual as Nathan Holmberg. I cannot convey strongly enough his sense of pride and professionalism.

Other peers also weighed in with their praise:

Nate’s knowledge and professionalism in the operational area is a huge advantage to our entire team. Nate is often sought after for answers to questions that come up about proper operational procedures. Along with his undeniable talent, Nate has always been an absolute joy to work with.

Nate is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and an all-around great person, I can always count on Nate to demonstrate complete professionalism in every aspect of his job. He is a walking 7110.65. He takes the job seriously and comes in every day ready to work. He is one of the most even-keeled controllers you will ever meet.

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