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(As outlined in Section G of the Standing Rules of the NATCA Constitution.)

SRG-1 Union Logo

No change may be made to the logo of the Association except by majority vote at the National Convention. Modification of NATCA logo: Any NATCA local or member who wishes to use the NATCA logo or the name in another font or format must receive prior National Office approval.
(Note: Please contact General Counsel Rita Graf – [email protected] – to make this type of request. If you are seeking to use the existing NATCA logo as part of a design pertaining to your local, please contact your Regional Vice President for approval.)

SRG-2 Use of NATCA Logo

All items bearing the NATCA name or logo shall be union made or, at a minimum, American made. NATCA, through the Executive Vice President, shall preserve and enforce the proper use of the NATCA identities, STANDING RULES STANDING RULES 21 which consist of the organization’s full name (National Air Traffic Controllers Association), acronym (NATCA), and logo (hereafter collectively known as the “NATCA identities”), by executing a written Agreement, as developed by the National Executive Board, with any vendor which desires to place the NATCA identities on merchandise and materials to be sold or distributed by the vendor. At a minimum, a written Agreement must preserve and enforce the proper use of the NATCA identities by incorporating the following terms: Reserve NATCA’s right to withdraw vendor’s license should vendor use the NATCA identities in an inappropriate manner as determined by the NATCA National Execute Board; Receive the vendor’s commitment to use the NATCA Identities in accordance with the NATCA National Constitution, Policies, and Standing Rules, as amended; Receive vendor’s acknowledgement of NATCA’s exclusive right, title, and ownership of the NATCA identities; Receive vendor’s agreement to refrain from using the NATCA identities in any manner that would impair or tend to impair any part of NATCA’s right, title, and interest; and Prohibit the rights granted to vendor from being assigned to others without NATCA’s prior express written consent. NATCA shall charge vendors desiring to use the NATCA identities in connection with for-profit sales of merchandise and materials bearing the NATCA identities an annual licensing fee: a. $100 for first time applicants; and b. $250 for renewal applicants.

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