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Connect and Build Relationships

How to Connect with a Campaign

Your NLC or Regional Legislative Committee Chair can put you in touch with a contact at a campaign.

If you or your Regional Legislative Committee Chair do not have a contact number for the campaign, Google it!

Call the campaign and ask to speak to the volunteer coordinator. Tell them you’d like to volunteer and ask them where you can show up.

The campaign website will also have information on how to volunteer. Sometimes you can sign up right on the campaign website, but don’t bet that the campaign will always contact you; you need to be proactive and contact them.

Building Relationships

Become familiar with your Congressional District (geography, cities, other federal facilities, etc.)

Learn about your members of Congress:

  • What are their legislative priorities?
  • What is their voting record on important issues?
  • What is their personal history? Do you and the representative have common interests?
  • What committees do they serve on?

Sources of information:

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