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Facility Legislative Representative Duties


NATCA member in good standing, preferably a member of the NATCA PAC. (PAC membership is required to attend NATCA in Washington.)


Every bargaining unit should have an internal procedure in place for selecting their Facility Legislative Representative. NOTE: This responsibility will default to the FacRep if another individual is not designated as the Legislative Rep.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all information requests and/or grassroots initiatives are acted upon in a timely manner. Email and voicemail should be checked daily at a minimum. When you will be unavailable for an extended length of time, you should notify your State Coordinator.
  • Serve as the facility legislative liaison to the membership.
  • Maintain a current database of all mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for your membership. This information needs to be up-to-date so we can do grassroots pushes on short notice.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge pertaining to NATCA’s legislative agenda, current political candidates, and pertinent Congressional legislation.
  • Become the point of contact for the Congressional office assigned by the State Coordinator. Establish a professional relationship with the Congressional member and their staff.
  • Inform your Regional Legislative Committee chair and coordinate with the NATCA National Director of Communications prior to any media correspondence.
  • Keep State Coordinator informed of local legislative issues, campaign involvement, and other applicable information.
  • Correspond with Senators as directed by the State Coordinator. (Facility Legislative Representatives are Congressional liaisons; the State Coordinator will normally communicate with Senators).
  • Disseminate information from the National Legislative Committee (NLC) and/or State Coordinator as necessary to keep your membership well informed of NATCA’s legislative efforts.
  • Other functions as directed by the State Coordinator.

Effective communication is critical to the team! Every member is responsible for sharing information and communicating to the State Coordinator as required or when requested. Occasionally, the NLC will seek (via the State Coordinator) information or action from the field. This information/action is normally time critical, and we request that you act as swiftly as possible.

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