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Become an Activist

Contact Your Regional NLC Member

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Contact Your State Coordinator

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Work For a Campaign

As we all know, we are in the middle of an election year. Volunteering on the campaign of a member of Congress who we support is a great way to build that relationship. The campaign volunteer coordinator can help our activists get involved with campaigns. 

Host or Participate in a Facility Tour

If you haven’t had your member of Congress to your facility for a tour lately, you should work to make that happen. Remember, the goal of a facility tour is to show our members of Congress the important, professional safety work we do. We don’t need to focus on issues during the tour unless the MoC engages us. Keep the tour focused, as much as possible, on giving them a thorough picture of what we do, day in and day out, to keep the flying public safe.

Attend a Fundraiser

Many members of Congress hold in-district fundraisers during the month of August. Be sure our activists are in touch with the member of Congress’ campaign fundraiser to be on their fundraiser list. This is an election year and we want to take advantage of their increased fundraising.

Register for Legislative Activism Training

1. Login to the NATCA Portal 

2. Select the ‘Events’ drop down tab and select ‘List of Events

3. Scroll down and select ‘NATCA Academy

4. Select ‘Next

5. Answer questions and then select ‘Next

6. Select the class you would like to register for and then select ‘Next

7. Review all of the information you have entered and then ‘Submit’ your request

Attend NATCA in Washington

NATCA in Washington (NiW) 2019 will be held May 20-22, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.


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