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May 4, 2017 // WFTV-TV – Behind the Scenes at Orlando Tower (MCO) and TRACON (F11)

May 4, 2017

“At three hundred forty-five feet in the air, the Orlando International Airport’s air traffic control tower rises out of the flat sprawling concrete. On an average day, the tower and its staff will handle 800 flights and 50,000 passengers, and if everything goes as planned everything will be on time.

“The tower is the most visible part of the airport, but not the only part of managing this complex operation.”

From reporter Christopher Heath:

“One of the things you notice when you’re up in the control tower and the radar room is just how calm it is. You kind of expect things to be a lot more hectic, people running around. Instead, everything is in order and running smooth. That’s impressive, considering they deal with 800 flights every single day.”

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