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May 5, 2017 // Kyle Ness Honored as Civil Servant of the Year

Kyle Ness, an air traffic controller at Minneapolis Terminal Radar Approach Control, is known for providing the highest level of service every single day. The Federal Executive Board of Minnesota recognized his efforts on May 4 with a Civil Servant of the Year Award.

His expertise has brought him recognition as a subject matter expert (SME) in the deployment of the Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) program, which brings terminal facilities in the National Airspace System onto a single automation platform.

As the program lead in Minneapolis, he has brought the controller perspective to software decision-making by combining automation platform knowledge with his air traffic expertise. Ness’s involvement and collaboration were essential to the success of this highly visible and complex project.

Ness is now a cadre lead for 15-to-20 SMEs that provide support to TAMR transitions across the nation. He sets the standard for high performance and innovation, often going above and beyond to ensure every project he works on is a success.

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