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May 12, 2017 // WorkLife Wisdom: Registration Open for the FAA Wellness Warrior Team Challenge

Announcing the FAA Wellness Warrior Team Challenge beginning May 16: a fun and easy way to get healthier while building stronger bonds with your co-workers.

In this six-week challenge, you and your teammates can compete against other FAA teams to see who can be the most active. You’ll have fun, improve your health, and you could even win a $100 Amazon gift card!

There will be a 2-week warm up starting May 2, but the official team competition program will run May 16 through June 26. To be eligible, teams must have 4-to-10 members and each member must log their activity (like gardening and calisthenics) or health itinerary items (like videos and articles) each week during the program.

Go to www.magellanhealth.com/member, click on “Health and Wellness” and then click “Get Started” on the “Stay Healthy with CaféWell” page to get started today!

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