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June 9, 2017 // Photo Album: Fargo, Washington, D.C.: Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country This Week

NATCA’s National Executive Board (NEB) were in Fargo, N.D. this week for a NEB meeting. While there, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, and Great Lakes Regional Vice President Bryan Zilonis met with Grand Forks and Fargo members Tuesday night. Below, pictured with Rinaldi and Gilbert are Grand Forks members (from left to right): Jonathan Blumhorst, Martin Fundaun, Nate Meyer, Tarik Yumusaklar‎, Rinaldi, Jon Souser, Gilbert, Garrett Petersen, and Greg Krone.




NATCA Congratulates former FAA Administrator Jane Garvey! On Thursday, June 8, the Eno Center for Transportation honored Garvey with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Eno Center’s 25th annual Future Leaders Development Conference Dinner in Washington, D.C., is the culmination of Eno’s Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC).

In 2010, NATCA honored Garvey with the Sentinel of Safety Award, which has since been renamed to honor the late James L. Oberstar. Said NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, when he and NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert presented Garvey with that award: “Jane Garvey was one of the finest FAA Administrators and public servants this country has ever seen. I’m proud to call her one of NATCA’s most steadfast supporters and a friend.”


The NATCA logo is prevalent at both Nationals Park and the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., as part of our advertising efforts in the nation’s capital. New to D.C. is an Arena Football team, the Valor. Here, a player in a recent game tumbles over the wall during a play. The Valor’s next game is this evening against Cleveland. Photo courtesy of Caitlin Buckley.

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