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June 23, 2017 // Member Benefits: Why Buy Union?

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Did you know that for every $1 spent on American-made products, $1.32 goes back into the U.S. economy? Did you know that on a national average, a union worker makes 30 percent more than a non-union worker? Did you know that a union worker, on average, receives more than twice the health benefits a non-union worker does? And did you know that a union worker is much more likely to have a guaranteed retirement than a non-union employee?

As NATCA members and federal employees organized and protected under different guidelines than most unions, some of these things may not be much of an issue for us. But with only a little more than 11 percent of the national workforce belonging to a union, we are all brothers and sisters in the same battle of ensuring the workplace is a safe, protected environment, and our workforces are fairly compensated and continue to have a voice with our employers and national leaders.

Buying union-made products protects and creates jobs for union employees and for our country. Buying union-made ensures you receive something that has been built or created by skilled craftsmen and women who will stand behind their product. Union-made also means fewer jobs getting farmed out to other countries. The more union-made products you buy, the stronger the economic foundation for the middle class is set.

“Look for the union label” is more than a catchy ad slogan. It’s a mantra to protect our brothers and sisters and the economy of this nation.

Check out some of NATCA’s great union benefits and more at www.natcabenefits.com. You can also visit www.unionplus.org to check out more great benefits supplied by unions nationwide.

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