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July 7, 2017 // Photo Album: Washington, D.C., Denver, Manassas: Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country This Week

Washington Center (ZDC) was busy as ever on July 4 this week, with members reporting to keep the skies safe for everyone traveling this holiday weekend. For the last 30 years, NATCA members have shown up 365 days a year to do the job we all love. Photo courtesy of ZDC member and Eastern Region National Legislative Committee Chair Kristena Jones.

ZDC July 4 Workers

Last Thursday, Denver Center’s (ZDV) Junior Jets kicked off their summer fun activities with a children’s petting zoo. The children were able to meet, pet, and feed a variety of friendly farm animals. This summer, Junior Jets will be offering events including bounce houses, weekly splash days, buggy rides, fire truck visits, gardening for preschool and Pre-K, cooking projects, and trips to the Butterfly Pavilion and Denver Zoo.

“We are lucky to have such a great children’s facility that caters to ZDV,” said ZDV member Jennifer VanRooy.

ZDV Junior Jets

Denver Center FacRep Joshua Waggener celebrated NATCA’s 30th Anniversary with 30 Days of NATCA t-shirts on Facebook. To check out his posts, click here.

30 Days of NATCA Waggener

NATCA members at Manassas ATCT (HEF) celebrated Independence Day by keeping the skies safe and hosting a NATCA30 themed BBQ for everyone working over the holiday.

Manassas ATCT 1

Manassas 2

Manassas 4

Manassas 5

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