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Debunking ATC Reform Myths

Myth: Reform will erase everything federal aviation employees have worked for: pay, pension, retirement, and negotiation power.
Myth: Air traffic control reform will eliminate delays. Myth: NATCA just wants to privatize air traffic control at any cost.
Fact: NATCA is fighting to make sure that the current retirement benefits, workers compensation coverage, health insurance, and other insurance programs will be a part of any reform measure. Fact: According to the FAA, in Fiscal Year 2016 alone, two-thirds of all reportable delays were attributed to weather. In fact, the significant majority of delays are due to three factors: (1) weather, (2) runway capacity, and (3) airline scheduling. Fact: NATCA considers the status quo to be unacceptable and will oppose any reform proposal that would institute a for-profit model. We support measures that adhere to our four principles for reform.
Myth: The air traffic control system doesn’t need reform. It’s fine the way it is. Myth: NATCA members don’t want this sort of reform, and they didn’t get to vote on it. Myth: The non-government entity will be driven by profit.
Fact: Funding for the FAA has not been stable, predictable, or reliable, and it must be to continue to keep the National Airspace System safe and efficient. The status quo is unacceptable. Fact: At NATCA’s 15th and 16th Biennial Conventions, the convention bodies voted to keep NATCA’s leaders at the table on issues related to air traffic control reform to advocate for Union members and protect the workforce. Fact: The current reform legislation proposes a federally-chartered, not-for-profit corporation to operate the NAS. NATCA would vigorously oppose a for-profit model. We support this bill because it does make safety and efficiency the top priorities.
Myth: Airlines will dominate the air traffic control organization. Myth: Air traffic control reform will harm general aviation. Myth: Air traffic control reform will subject air traffic controllers’ pay and benefits to harm by greedy corporations.
Fact: In the current reform legislation, board seats cannot be held by an official of any airline. Fact: In the current reform legislation, non-commercial general aviation would continue to only pay a fuel tax, as it already does. Fact: Funding for the new not-for-profit corporation will come directly from operation. The best way to make operation and the resulting funding stream grow is to have the best workforce to maximize safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System.  


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