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Aug. 25, 2017 // Legislative Meeting Recap

Craig Smith, retired NATCA member from Indianapolis Center and one of NATCA’s Boots on the Ground activists, traveled to Virginia’s Eastern Shore for a meet and greet with candidates Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring for statewide offices in Virginia. In front of a crowd at Accomack County Airport, each candidate spoke, took questions, and then met with event attendees.

Smith spoke to the candidates about the Federal Aviation Administration hiring and staffing crisis. Smith also discussed with the candidates the importance of elected leaders looking out for worker’s rights, and asked that each of them continue to pursue protection of worker’s rights, pensions, and health care. Smith thanked the leaders for their support of the working class in Virginia.

“Each assured me that they not only have each worker in mind, but each union also,” Smith said. “They believe that unions are what make America strong, and make wages and protections better for every worker.”

Pictured below top left are Fairfax and Smith, top right are Smith and Northam, bottom right are Smith and Herring, and bottom left are all candidates during the question and answer session.

Boots Collage

Democratic Representative Michael Capuano, who represents the 8th District in Massachusetts, visited Boston Tower (BOS) on Aug. 17 for a tour of the facility. He met with BOS Legislative Rep Jill Puglisi, BOS FacRep Mick Devine, Mass. State Coordinator Jason Holland, and New England National Legislative Committee Chair Andre Jean during the visit.

When he arrived, the group sat down in the conference room to go over the operation in the tower. They gave him a thorough briefing of the staffing shortage in the tower and across the country and discussed how possible legislation affecting retirement benefits could exacerbate the situation.

Pictured from left to right are Representative Capuano, Puglisi, Devine, Holland, and Jean.

Capuano Puglisi Devine Holland and Jean

Democratic Congressman Gene Green, representing the 29th District in Texas, toured Houston Center (ZHU) this week with Rob Gostanian. He was shown the Traffic Management Unit (TMU), Central Weather Service Unit (CWSU), and operation areas including Rocksprings, Lake Charles, and Lufkin. He was also shown the Technical Training Lab and saw some of the 113 developmental controllers currently being trained here.

The Congressman was given information about ZHU’s current staffing numbers, including the amount of current CPCs and those eligible to retire.

He was also made aware of the great deal of collaboration that occurs between the FAA and NATCA at ZHU and how positive this has been to all parties.

Pictured below are Congressman Green (left) and Gostanian.


Democratic Representative Stephanie Murphy, who represents the 7th District in Florida, thanked NATCA in a social media post this week. NATCA would like to thank you for your support for our nation’s vital aviation safety professionals, Representative Murphy. View the post here.

Republican Representative Carlos Curbelo, who represents the 26th District in Florida, thanked NATCA for the welcoming visit to Miami Executive Airport (MIA) this week. NATCA would like to thank you for your support for our nation’s vital aviation safety professionals, Representative Curbelo. View the post here.

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