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Sept. 29, 2017 // NATCAvists Hit Hill to Protect Retirements

NATCA concluded its fourth rolling lobby week of the month in Washington, D.C. During the past four weeks, 67 activists have taken 510 congressional appointments.

You can keep up with NATCA members’ activist efforts on our social media.

To prepare them for their Congressional visits, National Legislative Committee Chairman Steve Weidner, along with Jose Ceballos, John Bressler, Allie Valocchi Cloyes, and Michelle Fevola of NATCA’s Government Affairs staff, briefed visiting activists at the NATCA National Office. The activists and NATCA’s Government Affairs staff attended meetings with members of both the House and Senate.

In addition to the great work being done on the Hill, several activists have participated in congressional meetings at home and at other events. Activists discussed the ongoing FAA staffing crisis, including the 28-year low of certified professional controllers (CPC). They also discussed the adverse effects that suggested changes to federal employee retirements can have on those who keep the National Airspace System running. Because nearly 30 percent of the CPC workforce is eligible to retire, any significant change to the federal retirement system could exacerbate the staffing crisis.

NATCA would like to thank the following controllers for volunteering their personal time to advocate on the Hill this month: Billy Kisseadoo (MIA), Toby Hauck (ZAU), John Buonadonna (CVG), Mike Weekley (CMH), Rory Lieb (MKE), Anthony Schifano (CLT), Pete Dirks (ZAU), TC Davis (MSP), Andre Jean (A90), David Skarphol (P50), Bill Dewey (ZFW), Clay McCarty (BOI), Jeff Sieczkarski (ROC), Jason Grider (ZFW), Lou Caggiano (EWR), Ray Adams (EWR), John Bratcher (FSM), Jamaal Teel (IAD),Toby Bucsescu (N90), Jim Marinitti (NSO RVP), Fred Steele (ZME), Michael Gifford (CHA), Bobby Sharp (BHM), Berkley Atkins (TUL), Angela LaGrasta (EWR), Lizzie Mendez (PWM), Andre Jean (A90), Juan Ledesma (PVD), Gary Scharpf (ZDC), Matt Scala (D01), Jason Grider (ZFW), Richard Kennington (PDX), Allison Schwaegel (STL), Scott Nagy (PHL), Brian Schmelzel (PCT), Dan Kerr (DCC), John Murdock (PHL), Joe Rodgers (DTW), Amber Miller (ZTL), Martin Ramirez (ZLA), Alex Cisneros (SCT), Scott Farrow (DCC), Dave Romano (ZNY), Juan Serna-Spuler (SFO), Michael Smith (SBN), Eric Nolting (ZID), Alton Pamintuan (NCT), Allen Fritz (RDG), Nick Daniels (ZFW), Derek Bray (ZAB), Greg Metevelis (ZKC), Bryan Schwappach (MCI), Alex Navarro (ZSE), Anthony Schifano (CLT), Rick Woodbury (BGR), Nick Yochman (YNG), Jamaal Teel (IAD), Erik Mandt (ZOA), Chris Perks (PHL), Matt Trimble (CAE), Paul Behan (ZJX), Jennifer Chhetri (ATL), Lou Caggiano (EWR), Billy Kisseadoo (MIA), Bill Dewey (ZFW), and Scott Nagy (PHL).

Paul Behan of Jacksonville Center (ZJX) spoke with Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist, who represents the 13th District in Florida, this week at a labor event.

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Behan and Matt Trimble of CAE met with Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor, who represents the 14th District in Florida, to discuss the ongoing FAA staffing crisis. Thank you, Congresswoman, for your devoted support for this country’s dedicated aviation safety professionals.

Behan and Congressman Castor

Behan also met with Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, who represents the 7th District in Florida. NATCA thanks you, Congresswoman, for your support for our nation’s indispensable aviation safety professionals.

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Behan met with Republic Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Behan Senator Scott

MIA FacRep Billy Kisseadoo and ATL Legislative Rep Jenny Chhetri met with George M. Cecala of Republican Congressman Bill Posey’s office, who represented the 8th District in Florica.

Cecala billy Kisseadoo jenny

Kisseadoo and Chhetri also met with Christian Spencer, Legislative Correspondent for Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan, who represents the 16th District in Florida.

Kisseadoo Spencer Jenny

Kisseadoo and Chhetri met with Brett Layson, Senior Legislative Assistant for Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

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